First eternal drop :D

I’m lvl 90 nerly and was thinking which perk to take

congrats to your item

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Thank you :smiley:

your welcome :smiley:

I’m takeing a break rite now I’m lvl 92 and it’s takeing forever to lvl to 99 hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

just kill tons of enemy :smiley: while leveling you might get another eternal drop

Follow this tip, it’s the best way to level up 99 fast: Tip for leveling from 1-50 in one floor, any Ascension, no Quest Mythstones necessary

Get perk dealer first

That’s true :smiley:

it works well hahaha

Is Rogue the best class? Just a question, I see them all the time

I think wizard is the best class, but I prefer rogue for her gameplay, maybe it’s the same for the others rogues players

Right now I have 3 character slots I have two lvl 45 and that’s my warrior and wizard, do u know any speedy exp farming techniques for my lvl6 rogue

Follow this tip @DaGaminGem

Thnx m8

Alright, guess I need to lvl up my wizard, again thnx @Topoal

I have all ways loved playing as a rogue in any game :stuck_out_tongue: not sure what best class is

Is there a Co-op mode in the game @Nightbladejay

Nope I’m afraid it be cool only co-op kind off thing is the pvp but that’s Ai controled @DaGaminGem