First green map! Yay!

Try this: not 100% sure this still works

Change your difficulty
Go to the in game shop
Purchase a map using in game gold
then convert the map up to your highest floor.

Again, this may have been removed and you might have to get to the floor on the difficulty you are aiming for.

I can confirm that what TD has suggested still works :smile:

How the gems stone can move to your bag 1??

(If you DO NOT have the mystone/crystal special bags) you can move them between bags.

The fast way is to press on the gem stone then drag it up (without removing your finger if you are on touch device) up to the “BAG” bar and then release your finger. It will ask you which bag to move it to.

If you are using a controller you can move the crystal/stone by selecting the item and pressing the button for “move”.

Alright, got it.
Ty for the expanation.:slight_smile:

Just keep using it. As you kill enslavers it will improve