First Legend Pet :)

Not that good stats though…

Wow, great. Where did you find it? :smile:

Floor 3820+… You can only get that by killing a specific enemy called “Enslaver”… You must have high luck for legend pets to drop… :smile:



I will give this hint, you don’t have to be past floor 3000 to find it :stuck_out_tongue:

The Legendex said “floor 20+”…hehehe

I haven’t found a legend pet :cry:

Didn’t think it would be so hard to get one :frowning:

But legend equipment quickly collected to complete。

I only got 15 legend item for rogue up till now T.T

No way? already almost got every rogue legendary items? i’m impressed :open_mouth: gz!

@xmarks : Nice one! As every stats are random you can get amazing Legendary stats, like “glasscanon” “twister proc” “frostbiting”
I think it’s the most interesting thing to farm now, as long as we are lucky :laughing: