First time 99

Hey there, just reached level 99 for the first time on my warrior. I am now wondering should I stay at 99 for awhile and farm crystals and mythstones to craft with , and get gear ofcourse too if it comes. Or should I immediately accend and make my second trip threw ?

I was thinking of getting the fortunate perk first when I do.
Also should I be making gear based around luck more then anything ? Rite now all my gear is so let for damage and surviving so I could do higher dificulty fast to level fast. But no luck or any of that extra stuff.

Anything else you guys think I should know im also up for.

Got a whirlwind reflect damagr build right now that’s alot of fun .
Sorry for jumbled read my phone sucks for writing on this site


I suggest you ascend immediately. Choose dealer if you are in a rush for gold. Fortunate is also good if you are not that into gold early game.

Fortunate is good. So is treasured or dealer or accomplished. A hunter ring replaces one of the few remaining perks so I’ve only ascended 4 times


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if you are Ascending, you need 200% experience, or it will take you a long time to Ascend. staying at level 99 is up to you. you could farm for awhile, getting the crystals, myth stones, and gear you would need for Ascending later. along the way, just have the gear for level 1, 40, and 100. the level 1 gear will get you to level 20, at 20, put on the level 40 gear, that will get you to level 50, which is when you put on your level 100 gear. you wont be crafting your low level gear that much, but your level 100 gear should get most of your attention.
for a first Perk, Dealer is what most people mention, as you get 1,000% more gold from the items you sell. Fortunate is good, because it gives you 200% boost to gold you find in maps, and to luck, which gives you better chances for better loot. Accomplished is also a good choice, as not only can you put Hero Points into your weapons skills, you can put points into the Fortune skill, which gives a 2.5% boost per point to gold find, luck, and item drop rate, which leaves space on your gear for damage, experience, and defense affixes. not to mention you finish the Feats faster, for more Hero points and rewards.
also, if you focus on Ascending, you don’t need to farm for experience past floor 100-110, as the experience you get from monsters stops increasing at floor 100. the more Perks you get, the more experience it takes to get them. and it is 5 million gold for first Perk, 10 million for the second, and goes up 5 million for each of the next ones.
very easy has no experience boost, and M3 has the best experience boost.

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Fortunate allowa you to drop level 100 items whatever your level

Whats the item levels for the gear for leveling back up? Like the gear I can wear at lvl 1 threw 20 etc.

You can exchange dust for any legend and eternal items from codex and they will be available at level 1 but poorer stats. But good enough. All your hero points are saved so you can spend them as you choose. Spend them all in the bottom four of the hero chart… Fortune, dexterity etc… Just trust me

most people get gears for levels 1, 40, and 100. since character level is maxed out at level 99, you add +1 to your level to get the level of the item if you use dust to get a Legend item. so if you are level 1, and you use dust to get something, it will be level 2. if you want a level 40 item with dust, you would get it at level 39, and it will be a level 40 item. random items are random, but they will be 2x your level or lower, maximum of level 100.
level 1 or 2 gear will be good enough to get you to level 20. at level 20, switch to the level 40 gear, which will get you to level 50. and at level 50, switch to the level 100 gear.