First time playing pvp

I need help about what to build in pvp arena. I only play pve before. I am currently at floor 4300+ and still clearing the maps with ease so i tried playing pvp. And i know that affixes such as hp, mp, barbarian, push the limit, glasscanon and cv are the key factors that determine good builds. Mythics like cosmic orb, vanish, enigma, bombard are good in terms in dmge output in the arena. I am at eternal league div 4 but now im on mythic cuz i tried testing different builds. Its a little hard on my part to go higher div since i only play rouge. I always lose to bow rouges if i tried investing on dmge, often lose to warriors that have high hp if i focus on dmge also and the worst part is i cant get even touch wizards that has mana shield and just spams procs. Can someone give me tips and advice on builds for pvp?? I want to reach div 1 and even rank 1 if i can… I need help rouge users who are at div 1. Any tips for the build and especially the counters for it will be appreciated. The one that im using to reach eternal league is a chakram with sets mayhem, maelstrom, plague, druidic, vamp touch, identity and demonic for pet.

Repalce druidic to defiant or living force.Use vault offhand,keep moving,any enemy will die soon in tons of proc :joy:

Actually thats my build…tons of proc. But if i tried to get defiant i will be losing my mh weapon with mythology on it. I cant also use vault since defiant sets for rouge are only traps and mirrors if you are suggesting me to use defiant. Havent tried living force…only cosmic orb, orb and throwsword will benefit from it. My problems are wizards that has mana shield that spams comets or something and wariors that hav high hp that kills you with torrent if you try to fight back :pensive:

Get blinkstrike, enigma and increase power using PTL, BARBARIAN, OR GLASSCANNON… Having +5000 ed is a must! Heheh thats my advice… I woudnt recomend glasscannon if u have no sanctuary mythic.

Only mythic skill benefit from mythology.But defiant set increase both damage and damage reduction.1.25/0.75,That is at least 66.67% benefit.
Why not use defiant.
Living force not only increase damage,but also increase the time these terrible cosmicorbs flying.
IDK your HP and POWER.Better with picture like below.

Plus wew 4300+ wow hahahah amazeballs ur ome of the persons which i know that has the highest floor reached including that chinese guy hehehe

I have almost 200khp starting and for the power my highest that i have reached is only 400-500. Dont know why but I do have 2 ptl affixes. Im quite amaze to those dagger users and warriors that have high hp and high dmage at the same time. I always put 40000hp affixes in my gears since they are req.

How many ed+ affixes should i put?? I reached 4300+ floor with build almost the same as cuzeg’s build the chakram orb disc. I have almost the same build as his but his build is way more complicated and prof than mine. But my build reaches 38mil dmge stat and still 1 hittin the mythic boss with frozen explosions.

sets mayhem, maelstrom, plague, druidic, vamp touch, identity and demonic for pet.
200k HP 400+POWER
I cant understand :sweat_smile:
@Mr_Scooty @CuzegSpiked

Oh im sorry thats a mistake. The one that ive mentioned earlier is the one that im currently working on but seems its a failure also. The one that i used to reach div 4 eternal that has mael and mayhem has a 38k hp and 100 power. No ptl, glass and barb. But ring mayhem and pet demonic are eternal.

So i really need to have that ptl or barb in my set. I tried using daggers with that affixes. Has almost 500 power but very low hp. Got raped by wiz and war with cv and high hp regen the moment i tried to blink. Haha. And also why is it that sometimes if i try to check the profile…their gears are all in question marks??

100power is too low.
Put 6*5000ed,all in 297point to power,plus 1ptl.Then you have 480+ power.
38K HP is just ok if you care enough.
All eternal league players’ gears are hiden.

Theyre hidden thats sad though. Cant take a peek with the builds. So i have to put 4+ ed affixes on my gear to raise my power and a ptl. What if i have 6 set affixes that have hp bonus, 4 hp+ affixes, 4 ed+ affixes and 2 ptl and 299 all in power is that good??

My build has 1148 power… I placed 4 glasscannon 1 barbarian and 1 PTL i placed 2× 5000ed also 100% ed is great also if u have lots of rubies. It really depends on how u handle ur build. Also when having a small life in the arena u have to know the functions of debuff so u can use it at ur advantage. Good luck on ur journey to number 1!

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Glasscannon has only a cap of 100% only.


Ive seen one of your posts here in the forums. They said that u have the highest power in the arena as a warrior. Can i ask how do u survive battle arenas with op such as wiz that has mana shield lots of proc and high regen?? And also what resists should i be getting?? Or no resist at all just go balls deep??

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I use mythic sanctuary, then proceed to toss all my high range attacks… I also got stun chance … Mana shields dont matter to me since 1 have 1k+ power . Also using ur trophy is important, i use silence so when i hit them those high range attacks of wiz wont be in a few secs then i go near and beat the hell out of them, its just a matter of skills and experience in arena, ull get use to it in a while

@fudgenever10 dude its nerfed in the arena so it wont be 100% when i use 2 glasscannon only plus not all my glasscannon are a perfect roll of 50%

Also i use ascendant and arcanist it really goes well
And i also have 5000 armour because of my ete pet

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Hmm…so thats the trick if your going to all in. I might try fixing first mael and mayhem build in pvp before trying that style in dagger weapon. Hehe xd

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Great glad i could help :blush::blush: and btw i dont think i have the highest power of warrior here hehehe there are probably more powerful than me.