First Vacuus Scipio

After 1234 years.
I got my own vacuus scipio! :heart_eyes:

Floor 206, Mythic 3 : Cartographer Map



look for a frozen fate (warrior’s axe) it has 100% elem damage then convert to bow. just suggesting

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Max the quality of the bow, it so easy to re-roll.

Affix suggestions?

My affixes in PVP

PVE affixes, it depends on ur build. just take a look make some experiments.

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damn cant wait for my vacuus :frowning:

eating do that?
you can put 100% WD%?

My own version, Can’t think what should I replace with that socketable affix.

change it with movespeed if you have momentum or multi atk for PvE

Just got one too :slight_smile:
Although my rogue is a farmer, so not sure what I’d do with it.