Fixes on Rogue

I’m sad to say but i caught a few bugs with Rogue, mainly the bugs are all connected to it’s Mirror Image skill. I’d like to ask to get this fix.


  1. Mirror Images and the Mythic Skill: Apocalypse. When you activate Mirror Images and create copies then fire off the Apocalypse you create more than just 3 Furies, then once the Mirror Images disappear the clone’s skill of Furies goes off on it’s own and stays in one place and acts as some kind of compass where it detects where enemies are located and starts firing in that direction while staying immobile, when all enemies are killed they stop firing. Note: Clone Fury’s health are 1 or 0 so they die easily but enemies ignore them as a threat.

  2. Mirror Images and Weapons. Apparently when you use Mirror Image they copy your equipped weapon but when you change equips, For Example: Chakram then Pistol, the attack pattern suddenly changes. The Chakram wielding Clones suddenly fire an infinite amount of Chakrams proportional to the Attack Speed of the Pistol. This enabled me to kill anything in seconds even bosses and cartographers.

I’ll try and find anymore bugs corresponding to this, I just hope there aren’t anymore though.


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To clarify on #2, are you saying you spawn the mirror image while using chakram, then change to pistol while the mirror images are still active, their weapon doesn’t change, but the rate of fire corresponds to the weapon you change to?

mirror image issue aswell, i jestered to get trickster for my mage, mirror images only drop 1 metoer instead of 2.

my aftermath - trickster build kappa :neutral_face:

Same problems with apocalypse here. In fact, I changed my summoner to bombard because apocalypse did nothing on the toon itself and the clones summoned ones acted so damn weirdly and had no limit, so they overwhelmed my device.

Haven’t heard that bug reported yet, will look into that for 1.8.1. Really quick, what do you mean by “apocalypse did nothing on the toon itself”?

Hi steiger, I meant the furies never show up. The meteors fall and hit, but no furies are called. Only when a mirror image cast the skill the furies does appear, but act very weirdly, the stand shooting towards far away enemies, doing little or no damage. I tried filling a room with clone furies and a legend enemy on it didn’t receive any damage from them. The monster could be damaged (I did kill it with regular hits after all the clones died).

I gotcha, okay I think I know what’s going on. Thank you!