Flaring Magnum (Rouge Flintock-CF) Build PVE


So guys i uploaded all the necessary info, what i need to do now is to introduce it, so this build was made for the sole purpose of using the “CRUSHING FLAMES SET” i dont really focused on the damage but i focus to the hit frequency of my bullets so that i can trigger an immolation to give my CB(Crushong blow) a boost and to item drops. This set was not intendef to be use in pvp.

I just tried it to floor 1k, y? Cause i dont go any further higher than 1k floors cause all the legends requirements was meet at 1k ,so i dont see a reason y ishould go to 2k+ floors or is there a reason?

U dont have to completely copy my build(its a pain to get a crystalized eternal of epiphany and livid’s wicked wand) but just try to gain the 70% atk.spd is a okay.

My pet in the set was pathfinder but i also use the angelic but i dont know y, but the damage gain from angelic isnt showing?

So i know u can build a more powerful than my build but if u need questions just ask and also bashing and comments are welcome (well its my 1st set to share wit u guys afterall) XD

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So i want to add this info, i used 2x zenith(50%pierce) so that my bullet can pierce through enemy, cause when u r playing in packsize when enemys wave approach you u cant hit them all thats y i used a 100%pierced XD.

IT was a Hireling, But u can also make a main like this. XD

I think there was a user that has the same concept as mine? O dont realy meant to offend him by craeting post that has a same features as his/her? I just want to share this build thats all no other reason i think? Just kidding XD

I prefer Pistoleer and Rebound talents since you only focus on Crushing Blow only.

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Well you have a point there, i keep that in mind, the reason y i used mutiliate because i was trying to see if i use a mutiliate it can increase the damage?(in the offense page exactly) so it is kinda odd that it doesnt increas my dmge, i used relentless cause i think relentless increases the damage of crushing blow if the hp of enemy is below 25%? Correct me if im wrong XD. Thats the reasons y i used those 2.

There is no such thing that there is a damage that can increase Crushing Blow except Crushing Flames (Per rank).

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Oahh, Tnx for this info.

Pretty cool build!

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Tnx man XD

Awesome build. A good farm+ damage floor hike build.

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Tnx for the compliment! @CuzegSpiked,

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Like a lot :grinning: