Floor 2.1b?

So I’m assuming the people on the leaderboards are cheating that have floors in the millions and billions lol. And I’m gunna also assume that the highest legit one is the 30k floor one just guessing lol

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I’m rank 430th kinda cool I guess I would like to get to 10k floor though

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there are a few legit players around floor 15k to 20k, and I am willing to give players up to floor 100k the benefit of the doubt.

there are some powerful PVE Builds that have been shared, and they might be able to clear out the bosses on those higher floors, but they would have had to go straight to the Cartographer and kill it in less than a minute and play a few hours every day. one floor a minute for five hours a day is 300 floors. a little over 90,000 floors in a year. DQ been live since 2014? five years would be around 450,000 floors at a minute average per floor for an average of 5 hours a day every day.

my Climbing Build isn’t very fast on movement, so if I rush the Cartographer, I can do about 20-35 floors an hour. I tend to get distracted by monsters and want to kill them for some reason.


And legit or not what could any player expect to find on crazily high floors ?

You can get everything in codex at floor mythic 3 1000. And quite frankly it’s a pain in the arse ( pardon my language ). So why keep climbing :sunglasses: ?

they have hard hitting combos but they are not cheaters


The only benefit to climbing floors that high Is bragging rights, I mean the percentage of rarity in items might be raise but I’m not sure and if it the rarity increases then so do the items which means if your only trying to get eternal pets or very high end eternal items then it would be meaningful

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bragging rights for sure! I am still stoked that I am past floor 1300 M3 and still climbing.

players focused on PVP just need to farm floors 500ish or lower, up to 1000 for certain items unless they are ok with spending Dust to get the items they need. eventually I will reach my First Place Eternal League Goal, but one of my other big Goals is improving my Climbing Build for the crazy high floors.

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I’m on 1150 mythic 3

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Stay about that floor. Otherwise you will get to a stage that it takes an hour to finish a map and it’s a waste of time. Just buy loads of maps at that floor. @Golem you have climbed 50 floors above me. Well done. Have you noticed that you find less?

Really? I finish my floors in about 10 seconds and I’m on mythic 1200 now I dont see how it will take me an hour

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I actually timed it once and I managed to spawn one charge tick away from a cartographer and proc my knightscharge and literally finished in like 1 second

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See with frozen it’s like cheating hers why , the dmg from the explosion is absolute instant kill almost because of the stack I have and even if they are immune completely there is always at least one enemy that isnt immune even if they were I would just switch my element anyways but if you gather the whole map almost and then I use knightscharge it kills everything in one hit. I’m not sure if it multiplies all the enemies that are exploding but it will kill everything instantly of course once I get higher up I’ll tweak the build until I need to change completely to a fire immolation build at very high floors like 3500


Your a better farmer than me :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t call it farming my luck is like nothing but I’m getting better and your probably way better and knowledgable but just use a different build

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@Mikeb120 your Ice Build isn’t cheating, it just feels OP because you did a good job of Crafting. :smirk_cat: :wink:

@dickwad of course I find less, I am using a Climbing Build, not a Farming Build. the only Map Affixes I try to not use are TNT & Heal. if I rush the Cartographer, he seems to drop more loot than if I kill all the monsters along the way. when I Rush, I only activate Shrines along the way, to speed up the Mythic Feat.

@Mikeb120 for any floor, the time it takes to finish a Map depends on how high the floor is and how much HP the Monster has, and the power of your Build. and if you are dying a lot, that takes time to revive and get back to finishing the map. my Wizard isn’t a Speed Demon, so about 30 seconds to a minute to finish a map when I rush the Cartographer.

Yeah frozen build is OP. My climbing gear right now is crushing flames and frozen combined. Solo warrior without hireling. Terrible at drops and legends but fast in climbing floors lol.