Floor 200+ effects?

I’ve been farming maps past Floor 200 (about 252 atm), and I realized I don’t really know how deeper floors work.

Does the floor number affect enemy stats? i.e. will a monster on Floor 301 have more HP, damage, affixes, etc. than a monster on Floor 201? I’m talking about within the same difficulty settings, of course.

And how about drop rates? Do higher floors have better odds at dropping higher level gear, crystals, mythstones, etc?

Thanks in advance.

I would focus on getting my luck and item drops percent up near max , where I can one hit mobs on Legend mode up to floor 200 , more kills equal more item drops, I also only pick up legend+ . most of my farming gear are eternal s so I can’t do much with them . but my hirling are the real gear that I want , I try to max it DPS for better kills. at 196 to 200 floor most the eternals I get are lvl 100 anyways . I no longer farm pass 200 floor as it takes longer to kill mobs. unless its a red legend map drop, then I convert it to near 300 floor for better lvl eternal gear drop chance .

I can pretty easily clear up to floor 200 on Mythic 1 difficulty, so I guess I’ll do that. I thought higher floors would yield much better results, but it seems like that’s really not the case.

As an FYI, my main warrior is built as a fortune tank:
109k HP, 25k Armor, 2171 all resist, 24% dodge, 65% reduced dmg
462.9% luck, 322.3% gold find, 117.5% item drops, +14.3 pickup radius, and Crystalline (2)

My rogue hireling is the DPS:
453k dps GuidedShot, 1.22M dps Multishot, and her mana never runs out.

I used to think that too, even went to floor 350+ m3, it just too longer to kill the mobs and even longer to kill the shrine champions due to all the regen nerfs of the challenge maps. I don’t have a main build just a warrior wearing rare eternals, and the hirling that I want rare eternals for. I play mostly for the farming and seeing what I find in my bag after a map run.