Floor/Map completion reward

It think it would be cool to receive a bonus reward for fully completing (Which means kill all monsters, open all chests and activate all towers) a floor/map
So once the floor is completed, for example, there could spawn a bonus chest next to your character with some nice loot.
This would give the people that like to explore full floors a nice reward.

Great idea :smile:

A kind of lottery : 5/6 chances to get an epic item and 1/6 chance to get a legend item

Yes! I always explore entire floor before going on. More diff achievements would be nice. I like those carrots.

Interesting. I like this idea.

I do this for farming Crystals,MS and Gold… I mean sometimes I got lucky looting 10-20 Crystals and MS after killing all and opening boxes of the random map…[emoji3]

…then you have to kill the final boss and minions like killing Mephisto’s Council and Baal’s Minion of Destruction with high chance of gem drops!

or spawning Limorex, Malum, Gigas, or Ignis per 10/20 maps, that depends on what act the random maps are.
with a guaranteed 1 legend+ 1 CS+ 1 MS after killing those legendary Bosses.

ichsanization and kheL…nice and kinda much more enjoyable to play…[emoji113] high five guys…[emoji1]