Floor question

What floors is the best way to farm mutiny, ragnarok, aether robe and insolence? Currently on 600+ m3 with nadroji but still cant get any. Thanns

I heard 750 floor is best but i dont know. Im on 260floor

201 :smile:

400 or more. Bring imp to convert drop to legend

Any floor above the floor requirement for these legendaries too drop has the exact same chance for them too appear the reason farming at higher floors is better is because of the extreme boost too the rarity of crystals and mythstones you end up getting combined with the addition of a few new useful legendary pieces of gear that may also drop :smile:

Seems you wanted items with +ED%. I farm these one floor 201. Easy mob kills and very accessible map. Get Nadroji’s Robe instead of Aether Wrap. :smile:

Spam 190-220 floor m3