Hello guys i just to know which character you play and which floor you get:D i play now warrior 32 and im on floor 21 ep5 . Reply of your floors :smiley:


are u trying to know our characters to compare? well thats not the point of the game. if u’ll ask players, ul see monster players here… being maxxed level and floor 500+, 700+, even 1000+ or even more…
hopefully one day we will have a system where we can see other player characters… just to have a hint on others build.

i know most of players have max lvl etc but i just want to know which floors they are and the players or lower floors too :smiley: not to compare because i cant compete with them i want just to know which floors :smiley:

ahhh ok… well i have all 3 class ATM. but my main is a rouge max lvl floor 180’s…

Im a 99 Warrior on floor 315. Only set on ep3 though so I can kill easy and try to find some better gear.

It all depends on what my goals are for that day …

Gold farming - EP8 floor 200+
Item farming EP8 floor 300+
MS/CS farming - EP5 floor 101-200
Hero point farming - EP5 floor 200+
Pet farming - EP8 floor 21-200

There are no set factors regarding EP level and floor level, I simply play using the ones above, as thats where I feel I get the best results.

nice jester but i mean i wanted to know best floors on which you are i think guys like you are on 2k+ or smth like that :smiley: i just want to know :smiley: btw thanks for the info about your advice about some farming floors :smiley:

Im in floor 101-200 ep8 farming money and crystal.

I farm 101-200 ep3 cartographer map floors atm for instakills, just got my first crystal item too :smile:

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