Follower Item Pickup Issues

When both the main and hireling inventories are full (with several items on the ground), and you sell the hireling’s inventory (but not the main toon’s), you are unable to pick up the items from the ground. Upon selling the main toon’s inventory, both toons will pick up items. This bug does not present when selling the main’s inventory but leaving the hireling full (though the main still cannot pick up the hireling’s designated items).

I don’t think it’s a bug. You sold your Hireling items, and he can’t pickup your main items. You sell your main items and they are now all picked up.

I know he can’t pick up the main items. The problem is, he can’t pick up his items either until after I sell the main’s items. For example, if both invo is full, and 1 item for each is still on the ground, and I sell hireling items, he won’t pick up any item. When I sell main’s items too, both toons will pick up one item.

It is a super minor bug, but still a bug.

Didn’t noticed that becouse if i have full inventory i just sell items for both :stuck_out_tongue:

I will look into this as I have not experienced this before.