For IOS/Iphone players!

hi guys are you experiencing the same as me??i played in an android tablet during the old version days but now in 2.0 when i get back playing im playing it now in my iphone 4…

so here is the problem everytime i close the game and open it then it will do the loading application again isn’t that supposed to be only when you 1st time open the game??it eats a couple of minutes to be finish so how to fix that thing??also sometimes it freezes the screen of my iphone when playing it like for 2-3s kinda weird cause i can play nba 2k13 in my iphone so dungeon quest shouldn’t be a problem playing there so anyone knows how to fix it??tnx

Contact support I think they can help you :blush:

through email???using my yahoo email??

Through email you’ll get help a lot faster. And yes

hmm it is not about the account though it is more like the game itself since the application loading screen happens when you just installed the game no account log in there yet…

and the game freezes like 2-3s has nothing to do with accounts also hmmm

They should be able to help you with game issue even if it isn’t an account problem.

hahaha they put For iOS specific issues i guess they really expected that there will really be iOS issues right from the bat xD

I think iOS is a patch or so behind android also . but hopefully this help you out.

Well the iphone 4 is 4 (or 3?) years old already… Dont expect too much.