Formula for damage done

Just wondering if anyone has the formula for dmg done or final damage. It would help explain how to build a characters gear up.
I’ve built up +%dmg and +dmg affix on all gear and with a MH weapons doing over 100k dps and final dmg fell short of 1 mil dps in stats. Once I got +2 sets in play (and better) final damage rose higher bc of multipliers. But do multiple dmg multipliers (say focus at 40% and empower at 50%) add up as (MH dps * (focus + empower)), or (MH * focus * empower)? It obviously gets more involved than this.

Look in the dictionnary. Sets multiply. Empower and Focus do different things.

I know. But as I asked do they multiply each other or add to each other and multiple base MH dmg?

I already told you they do different things… One affects [color=#FF0000]Power[/color], the other affects [color=#FF0000]WD[/color].

Ok so the wording is for Power. Whats power if not weapon dmg? I couldn’t find it in the dictionary and naturally assumed that meant damage since damage increased.
So remove names from the equation because instead of helping you’re trolling and picking on details. If you have say 100k WD and two talents adding 40% WD, is that then 100k + (100k * (.40+.40)), or is it (100k+((100k*.40)(100k.40))), or something like that where the talents will multiply each other?

And to be clear I say you’re trolling because your reply doesn’t answer the question, it just points out my inexperience with the talents I chose to use as examples. The whole point of my OP is to figure out how people are getting damage in the billions, or hundreds of millions, listed on their stats page As seen in multiple image posts. A formula could explain how and where affixes, talents, hireling affixes, crit chance and dmg, and whatever else could affect damage factor together so a player can better understand how to get their final damage to those astronomical values. So players can understand best how not to waste their precious Obsidian that take a while to earn.

Power is one of the 3 Stats you can invest your stat points in when you level up. Have you not leveled up at least once and invested stat points? This information is given out the moment someone levels up for the first time. You cannot skip the tutorial.

I understand that this is a complex game. But the dictionary has almost everything you need.

They affect totally different things that go into the damage formula. This means that they are independent from one another and do not interfere with each other. WD and Power are separate factors that add up to give you your DMG. Again I assumed you knew this because the game tells you what Power does when you level up or try to put stat points into it.

Ah well yeah now i do feel dumb lol. Havent looked at the stat page in a while, and when I had I always just dumped into health. That was helpful thank you!
Of coarse it still doesn’t answer the original post which is asking for the formula for damage. Or explain the question of how multiple +% dmg factor together, whether from sets, affix or talents. But you sir have definitely taught me about being ignorant enough to ask questions when I don’t understand something.

Anyone else have anything to contribute regarding the original post? Anything resembling a formula would help a ton.

As seen in the Dictionary screenshot above, power is added to your total base DMG.

This info should be enough for you to create a formula that closely models what is used in game. I highly recommend you to look at the stat page and derive the formula using all the information given there and the dictionnary.

Also different sets, skills and affixes behave very differently. As shown in the Frozen Rogue Guide, there are many special effects with exponential growth. Something like Permafrost is the opposite where it just gives ED%.