Forum: Cant find where i should have posted this

Its just a quick bug… Not about the game but about the forums… Not sure why but if i post some symbols in the threads then the rest of my post doesn’t get shown.
Such as i posted and used the [greater than] sign but all information past the symbol was not shown but all before the symbol was shown? Not sure of this is just me but just thought id report the bug

Hey! Thanks for the bug report. Moved the topic to “Bug reports”. Could you take a screenshot please? :smile:

Not 100% if thos will suffice but here goes

So when i use the greater/smaller than sign >/< [this text isnt shown] wait it wasnt working a second ago, ill copy the text and see if i can recreate the happenings
Hmm? Odd, it seems it must have simply been a one off glitch… Not sure why it happened though

I understand :slight_smile:

Actually, this is not a bug. “<” and “>” is used to enclose code tags. It’s the same as BB-code using “[” and "]. For example < b> hello </ b> (without space in the tags) would be automatically formatted to hello . So, everything between “<” and “>” will disappear. You can find the list of working fomatting options here: