Forum down on chrome

So I’ve been using chrome and I occasionally get “This webpage is not available ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” error

But it has happen frequently. My connection is stable.
I tried mozilla firefox and edge(new IE) today and I could access the forum.

So maybe it’s a isolated case for chrome

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Things seem to work fine on my end (both mobile and desktop). Hmm…

PS: Moving this to support.

Works fine for me also

I’ve experienced this every now and then, happened around 3 times this week. It returns to normal after a few hours tho. Also using chrome. @Emman , where are you from bro? maybe it’s cause of location.


I also have this problem. Even though my connection is really good. I also tried in my laptop & same problem occured.

Having this problem occasionally as well. Location: Orlando, Florida. OS: Android 4.4

Clearing cache in Chrome or with CCleaner does not resolve but power cycling my phone does.

I’m asking Discourse support about it, hopefully they have some idea what’s going on.

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Philippines. I think you’re from there as well :smile:

I am, I’m in Dubai now atm tho.

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By the way. It’s still happening for me at chrome. Posting from mozzila firefox.

It should be better now. Just write into this topic, if it’s still happening.