Forum events?

I have this idea for about 2 months its resume to having a event on the forum and one reward that would be deliver to an account and avatar choose by the player that get the reward. It my be impossible to do but at least I empty my mind of this idea.

Being active in forum should have a reward too.

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it does. the lounge

Lol. The Lounge! :joy:

Most active member here! Well I got nothing much but I don’t mind lol.


Yep @CuzegSpiked

You get the Jabberjaw award. :smiley:


make the most popular member of this forum , a moderator for a day lol

That is a risky reward.

Ohhh!! No one has understand what i mean with this !? I mean the reward would be deliver to your avatar.

exemple: I win the weapon event. I get the reward deliver to my avatar in the DQ.

Yeah obviously! Also I don’t need to be moderator because Mr Scooty is awesome enough . We got enough mods for one day. Also I tried mod once and yeah no need for it.