Forum needs FAQ/WIKI/BEFORE YOU POST topic

Sticked. Containing all the information we can find, write and share
only confirmed info. [color]ed version would be very nice[/color]

[size=200]–Item Affixes

[size=150]----[color=#FFBF00]General Rules[/color] Affixes[/size]
[size=150]----[color=#FFFF00]Rare[/color] Affixes[/size]
[size=150]----[color=#FF8000]Epic[/color] Affixes[/size]
[size=150]----[color=#FF0000]Legendary[/color] Affixes[/size]
[size=150]----[color=#00FFFF]Crystal[/color] Affixes[/size] this is a chart with all possible Crystal Affix rolls.

When applying (2) an Obsidian (1) to an item you will be able to (3)choose 1 Affix from 5 possible options. Dont Forget to (4) Apply.

[size=150]----[color=#008040]Set[/color] Affixes - See “Sets”[/size]
[size=150]----[color=#BF00FF]Mythic[/color] Affixes - See “Mythics”[/size]
[size=150]----[color=#00FF00]Eternal[/color] Rolls[/size]


[size=200]–Enemy Affixes


Grades Normal -->Eternal
Bounty Value Rolls
Gold Find
Item Quantity
Map Affixes

----MH Mythics
----OH Mythics
----Armor Mythics
----Headgear Mythics
----Ring Mythics
----Amulet Mythics





----Item Quantity

----Rogue Skills:
----Warrior Skills:
----Wizard Skills:


----Rogue Talents
----Warrior Talents
----Wizard Talents

[size=200]–Farming Legendaries/CS/MS

[size=200]–Forum language

Any other game reletaed info like farm, formulas, sets, droprates and any other you can imagine… Feel Free to Suggest/Compose a part

it would be absolutely awesome to get a special forum section for this. ^^

couple of days ago asked admins to answer a “list” of questions.

[quote=“IDDQD”]Would like to ask you if you’d be ok to answer a list of questions about some certain game aspects. i think it would be nice if we could make a topic like “local wiki/before you post a new topic” for noobs and ppl who are interested in game mechanics, build theorycrafting and basic information… I think i could try to make such a thing in few days with the help of some other active users. If you could assure you’d be ok to spend maybe 1-2hrs to answer those? i would write such a thing
or you are too busy to do that?[/quote]
got a positive response

your brief thoughts how to do it?
your vision of such a thing

This would be a massive endeavor, and be in a constant state of flux with each patch release. Which is most likely why theres not a singular source for it.

If you were to start it, begin by compiling all the info from the dictionary. Then we could go from there.

DQ has already a wiki :unamused:

Feel free to complete it :unamused:

edited, added few more lines, copied some content from other topics
any1 would like to help? ) your help would be highly appreciated
especially old forum users who know about topics most recent users never heard of…

Not to rain on your parade, but you know you already have outdated info. :smile:

I really wish I could write apps, cause a standalone app would be awesome and easier to navigate with this much info.

Thats why i need help. The ammount of info is really huge… i will do as much as i can and i will try to do it as quck as… will see.
Whats wr9ng? Mythstones?

Max Value for Crystal Block is 50%.
Elixir MS values have changed.

I didn’t look to close, but those two things stand out.

[quote=“Rubik”]Max Value for Crystal Block is 50%.
Elixir MS values have changed.

I didn’t look to close, but those two things stand out.[/quote]

Deadly Strike and Weaken effects have changed too.

Also not Block can only be applied to OH. The only way to get block on a non OH is to get it via Warrior item Drop.