Forum slow?

Is the forum slow for anyone else? The pages load very slowly, and often they fail, saying they lost connection to the server. This is true in Firefox, Chrome, and IE. I am on a pokey hotspot connection, but this forum is still much slower than the other sites I go to.

Yeah I often have those issues also, and I use Tapatalk.

The forum loads fast for me – haven’t noticed any slowdowns so far. (Using Chrome on PC and Android, from Germany.) Could be a geographical issue, or perhaps I’m just lucky.

Everything works fine for me, both Tapatalk and web. Maybe it’s the connection issue.

Mine’s ok over both sprint and the net in Texas.

Android tapatalk is very inconsistent for me. I get the type of errors you describe very often. I switched over to tapatalk on iPhone and it never has connection issues (I am sure I will regret the jinx implied in the “never”)