Free pet from mail

Was it supposed to be legendary pet because I just got a normal pet with 2 affix. Not sure if its my usual bad luck with RNG or I broke it

No it was just meant to be a normal pet do not fear :smile:

Thats weird the text in the message suggested a pet with angelic set affix. Got a blue pet with only 2 affix, too.

This was referring to the angels texture not what would be on it you will notice the texture is a new one :smile:

The texture is an old one for me too, it isnt like the texture in the codex for the angelic pet. There is a bug in texture as well, its like a white square in a part of the texture.

I was wondering about everyone will get a legend pet with set affix, it sounded so good, thats why i hoped may be it will be become true. Now all hope was gone :smiley: :grin:

No the texture is a new one you should check the pets section of legends in your codex you will notice that no pet uses the texture given to that pet currently it’s the reason they had to wait until IOS got the update to release it because the pet texture wasn’t in the game yet :smile: (white square is a visual bug)

what element is this fluffy bunny pet

Fluffy bunny ?? Its a slime !

why are they giving us that normal angelic pet anyway? :smile:

yah just recieved it a while ago. It’s just a lame normal slime. HA!

Haha so mean

Buhaha! Nah bro! I’m just being honest bout it :sweat_smile:

Just level it up a bit :slight_smile:

Also got it! Haha

I think there was a bit of confusion (at least one play mentioned this to me). They were under the impression that the pet came with the new “Angelic” set affix on it. It does not. It is a slime pet that is skinned to match the new angelic vanity set we released.