Freezes "" (fixed)

after i update my DQ to some campaign floors i can’t enter.

Same here :3

Hey! What is your android version?

For me, its happen to previous version and new latest version ( )
When i go to PvP 1v1 or 2v2, it’s freeze for a minutes, it’s happen when i downgrade to kitkat version from lolipop :slight_smile:

Same here , im using android jelly bean but before no problem at all, but now always freeze cant play :(cry:

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Hey! The devs are currently working on this issue.


Alright !
We wait for it :wink:

The best version. :slight_smile:

I can’t even open the app. I hope they fix this soon :smile:

Hey! Which android version do you have?

6.0.1 - Nexus 5

The patch for 6.0.1 is coming.

Nice! Will wait for it. Thanks for the quick answer :smile: This weekend would be fun

Im using 4.2.2 is that too low ? But the version before works smoothly even with tons of mobs in my screen

Hey! The devs are currently working on a fix for it. Dont worry. :smile:

We have same android version 4.2.2, my phone can handle 200% packsize :smile_cat:

lets wait for the game update eh… :slight_smile:

well still no update GF DQ …

As far as I know, the patch is live now.

Very Much Appreciated. I can play the game so smooth… :heart_eyes: