Freezing my phone while battling in arena


when i’m battling MELONMELON and LARRYBIRD , my phone freeze and i’m going to force close the DQ, and starting over again…

can someone help me to fix this, or tell me why is it happen to me in this 2 players? but in the other players there’s no problem…


Hmmm that is weird. If you come across them again snap a pic and post it. Will have a look!


sir i can’t post a picture because, i can’t make screenshot my phone power button is broke…


but i will try!!!


Thats the problem of low spec device… full storage and low ram. Uninstall unwanted apps or close running apps that u dont need… the higher gameplay or mode you do, the higher ram space it consume


i will try it, @OniiChan thanks…


Sometimes my phone freezes due to lost connections but sometimes if I have too many procs and summons too. Just an idea.