Friendly reminder to upload frequently

Your ascensions will thank you.

Ascension 3, two single hireling ascensions and like two hundred map floors poof lol

Ascension 2 treasured and fortunate 1week leveling still yellow level 91 no exp item use or boost haha

Lol yeah I had a few adventure amulets that disappeared alongside like half a page of Eternals and the ascensions/had 214,8% XP gain with a jaspered epiphany gauntlet I was using–back to floor 505 though meow (or rather when I decide to start the ascension grind over)
*wasn’t actually ascension 3, lvl98 with my gold border, but didn’t initially feel like typing more than a summary; but this has been therapeutic

How do you guys level up? Solo or with hireling?

I was using hirelings, didn’t stack up any XP gear/myths on them after they hit lvl 50 other than an adventure amulet though

Still haven’t tried using the adventure amulet. although gold I get usually is from 300k - 400k per floor

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With hireling adventure is for dmg while gold is loot are showing

^ I was talking about the mythic amulet exclusive adventure, not the set affix.

I’m not sure they made much of a difference tbh, just wanted to have them ready with all the hype before 2.1, though they did help you fly through the first 20 or so lvls…meow the shrine perk however, I was in love with.

Sorry about that
Shrines are great today haha

Not your fault and certainly a lesson I won’t learn twice if/when I return to the game; just wanted to save others the potential grief and get some venting out in the process

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How did you lose all that data? Did you try contacting support?

Phone was plugged in so I assumed it was charging/turned out to be a faulty cord so the phone died as I was playing, last time I had backed up was 2.0 so nadda they can do. (On the bright side the back up had my eternal maps/just lost the pet)