Frosty Torgue build

I would have posted a video of gameplay footage but can’t find a free screen recorder for iOS. I’m currently approaching floor 600 with this build. Highest damage spike is 226 billion and my gear is far from optimal. I’m running stealth as the oh special for ehp and the move speed buff helps with single target. If anyone has any advice on how to further optimise the build I’d appreciate it.

Basic gameplay is essentially run and gun, use stealth where needed for either dodge or dmg and behold the EXPLOSIONS!!! :slight_smile:

first thing you should do is change the epic ED+ on your flintlock to epic WD+. since you have 3 legend ED% affixes, an epic WD+ on your weapon is worth 4 times an epic ED+ on the same weapon.

you can also replace one of the epic ED+ affixes on your other gear to legend elemental crit and then change aetherial drain to rage. you would need some jaspers and a lot of rubies though so only try it if you have the crystals.


Thanks dude!

good combo :smiley:

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Tested the weapon vs element dmg on the weapon. My damage was far lower with weapon damage affix overall, but more consistent. I think I’ll stick with element dmg. I’m currently farming for a new offhand so I can roll either crystal dodge chance or multi attack (legend).