Frozen or plagued?

What is generally stronger? Using Frozen or Plagued? Right now Im using arcanist+ascendent rogue flintock build but can’t decide which one is better. I only have room for only one of them. Thanks.

Frozen is generally stronger but you will need high damage to start it on high floors. Since you using Arcanist+ascendant, rogue frozen can go well with it on flintlock build. Also, if you have frostbiting legend affix, that will also help a lot.

Say you dealt 1 billion damage, with 300% frostbiting, that becomes 1billion ×4= 4billion. When enemies explode, each explode for 125% damage and I believe the damage of the frozen gets increased by 300% as well. If 4 enemies exploded, 4 billion×6= 24 billion. Frostbiting does affect the damage each time but I’m not gonna calculate that anymore and leave that up to you to see the results. Arcanist does affect the result too but again, I’ll leave that to your findings.

Crushing blow+relentless ftw with frozen too :smile:. If an enemy cannot be frozen, luring the enemy to packsizes can make it die of consecutive frozen explosions and Arcanist with ascendant and weaken increasing damage can seriously make a big impact. Poison still deals big damage even without plagued which can aid in the enemies frozen defeat and since you can only have frozen or plagued, I’d say frozen.

Ice also slows down enemy move speed and attack speed so better survival in any build which is cool.

Just my personal opinion as I seem to enjoy frozen much more than plagued. What do you prefer?

Cool thank you for explaining! Right now Im using frozen and like it a lot. I was using plagued before but needed more of a defense so switched to frozen. Glad I made the change.

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