Fun build

I just “made a build” yesterday, and it’s mostly incomplete, but it’s a lot of fun on lower floors.
So far I have only 2 “perfect” items for this, this is why I make this, to see if anyone wants to “complete” it, and what it can do.
You just basically plow through everything without stopping. I tested with only 1 “perfect” item on legendary and I had no problems at floors 240. Now i’m trying on mythic 3 and it works almost the same…since they have a lot of hp.
On legendary difficulty cartographers die in @2 seconds, on mythic 3 in @ 5.
Message me if you want to try it. It can be a good build to reach even floors 500 or more with the right items. And when we “complete it” we can share for everyone.
Sadly can’t upload video cuz internet sucks.

Forgot to say…wizard is required.

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