Funny Combos?

what set combos have you found that are effective or fun to use? they dont have to be optimal, cheesey combos would best descibe it.

1.) cosmic power + bloodmage + plague + rage (everyone’s favorite it seems)
-massive hp pool, armor and critical

2.) trickster + aftermath (staff+orb)
- recently tried it, this is what i call 0 cooldown AOE, get mirror evertime you spam, meteors galore

3.) cyclone + torrent proc
- clearing has never been easier

4.) MP + cosmic power + glASS cannon + 40 Empower + reflect + permafrost (was my build since day 1)
- 1 HP, massive MP pools, stand and let them hit you till they die (con: tnt,skyfall,elemental crits 1 shot you cuz of %health damage (steiger pls :frowning: )) also permafrost helps you keeping your mana pool recovery

guys wanna share your eficient or fun builds? or recommend on improving each other’s build

I mostly use the last one and I agree on the one hit death thing from certain stuff it should look if you have more MP than HP and take a percentage from that and not damage directly your HP that’s not cool.
I found a new build that I like to use but it’s more for fun than high level stuff. It’s a bit like your second one where it consists in taking some torrent and twister proc and then take a battle mage part and you just have to run in a strait line and a bunch a torrents and twisters will go out on the sides to clear what you haven’t killed. It’s very fun if you g=do it on a not very high level map like floor 150 ep2, depends on how good your stuff is.

Blood Magic is great because everything is in HP. Reset the stats and leave mana at 5 and put a lot toward strength.

Spell Sword + Living Force + element throws comets laced with the element and returns to point of origination, doing 50% DMG on the way back as well. Something (I think Wrath) adds extra projectiles into some of the comets causing even more damage.

I am new to the boards so this is probably old news, but I run cyclone + torrent + 3x druidic (torrent/twister proc) + hireling in 3x druidic. For greater spin cycle carnage.

It isn’t a min/max setup, but it is jolly good fun.

Only bummer is that twister pulls the mobs off my taunt, but i can totally live with it.

Can I control the element of my proc?

Element of your proc depends on your weapon’s element. Except the case that you are having Ascendent :smile: