Funny moments with DQ buddies

Scene : my friend texted me.
Friend-hey dude i finally found eternal mutiny bow!
Me- ??? How???
Friend- i just farm at floor 300+ with eternalized set and hard work!
Me- LOL :joy::joy::joy::joy: cheater confirmed!

LOL epic fail.

I once teach player on facebook about damage multiplying and then after few week he sent me screenshot his wizard (arcane element) deal round 1xxxxx.xxB damage. then i sent him screenshot of greengarden damage from 1.9 (open beta patch) on screenshot my poison cloud damage number is from left screen to theright screen, a very long number lol, 325xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.20B. then he never reply or ask till now lol.

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duuude ur so mean nyahaha

nahh because i see something weird lol. his gold around billion, in a week or two, from K gold to B gold, lol.

Thats really suspicious man haha

Isnโ€™t it available anywhere 200+? How can you know he cheated?

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Coz you can only get eternal mutiny BOW by jaspering eternal mutiny gaunlet. And everybody knows that jaspering eternal is still not available at 2.0 unless he already have 2.1 lol

suspicious~ lol JK. :))

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@cronos4321 u so really mean dude hahaha

no lol i just joking.

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Stop joking like that dude u hurting his feelings lol :smile:

lol that not even hurting, its not like i just reply with โ€œSuspicious~โ€ and then after a months reply again โ€œjust kiddingโ€ lol

anyway @HarleyM sorry if i hurt your feeling with the joke, no intention to hurt u.

Oh that makes sense haha.

@cronos Np lol. I didnโ€™t take offense XD. If I cheated I think I wouldnโ€™t still be farming 101+ on ep6/7 lol

Peace on earth DQmates :smile: