Fury + push the limit?

i am currently planning my ultimate pvp build, so i was wondering if these 2 (fury + push the limit) work together?

also, would reduce resource cost work with push the limit?

Burst damage? Yes.

Steady Damage? No.


Yes. It works.


@NUIQUE i meant in terms of resource use for primary skills for fury and push the limit since push the limit increases resource use but fury makes primary skills pretty much infinite.

hmmm maybe I’ll just combine hp/mp regens with bloodmagic with push the limit hehe…but I’m not really sure bloodmagic is good in pvp

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I like blood magic when your hp is non existent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes. But fury earned will be reduced by the corresponding PTL that you have.

For example:
Normal fury buildup is 30% per attack, correct?

Now if you have 18% ptl, that 30% will be reduced by your ptl which is 18% of 30%, which will make your fury built per attack 30-30(0.18)= 24.6%

PTL slows fury buildup but it works very well for Special Skill Burst Damage Crafts.

This was my observation when crafting my fury barrage. PTL on Fury is double taxing, i.e., amount of fury gained is reduced by ptl% and the OH Special Cost is augmented by PTL percentage as well.

I’ll be happy if someone can prove me wrong.


Bloodmagic is good. Immortal is generally better.


Blood magic is a good desperation type of addition . It’s not required on immortal types but useful on high damage builds.

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@dickwad @NUIQUE thanks alot for your insight peeps❤