Future ascensions

How about 7th+ ascension allows you to craft an item into an Eternal? Basically same procedure as 1st thru 6th ascension, except it instead drops a special item that can be applied to non-Eternal items.

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Sure, but make it only avaible if you have all 6 maybe.

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Please no I’m so close too my goal of finishing all the ascensions on all characters ;-;


I think making any item eternal would be op, like a chakram with 200% wd 10Wd Cosmicorb and crystal affix

Idk… if it’s already possible to find one that good, how OP is it really. Plus, a player would have to ascend 6 times to get that perk. By that time, they’ve already crafted some pretty OP gear, and regardless get 1-hit killed on the higher floors. I doubt it would make it all that different.

I dont think it would hav a big impact on pve aswell but in pvp it would be op

Yeah like pvp isn’t already ruled by OP players and gear that we can’t even look at …

…Trust me they’re far from OP a lot of them are copies of each other that all use a similar strategy and non of them have been actually optimised yet PvP is still very early on in it’s life cycle and the meta will be shifting for a long time! :smile:

i would suggest if this would be possible … they should apply some rare ingredients in crafting eternal lol … so players will work hard farming/hunting those ingredients.

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change class 7th ascen

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@Eater i like that more lel. u mean advance class? like warrior > knight or u mean u can change job from warrior to wiz?

yeah warrior to knight knight or something else :smiley: upgrade the class because changing class is to mainstream haha

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