Gambling Insolence

Is it even possible to buy an Insolence hatchet from the vendor?

Every time a legendary hatchet comes up for sale from the vendor, I buy it…and now that’s happened 8 times and I’ve received 8 Furors. Is this just bad RNG or is it something I should just stop doing because Insolence is only available through drops? I don’t really want to keep wasting 400k each time if there’s no point.

I remember this was asked before and was answered in another thread. you cannot get rare legends from vendor. However it is possible to get eternal legends.

Thanks for the reply! I could not find any other threads on this topic when I searched “Insolence,” but I appreciate you letting me know that it’s somewhere out there. I guess I’ll stop gambling for it and allocate gold elsewhere while I farm.

here’s the link

Spam 190-200 floor my friend(normal floor or map its up to u) With farming build, i got 3 insolence there in just 2 waves, :+1:

what about nadrojis any part of the set im in floor 431 cant find the dam thing!

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nadroji drop at any floor above 20 but its too rare just pray to RNG :smiley: