Game Crash & Laggy..why?

After the last update (halloween) why im experience this? It became laggy and my game crash every now and then. Or im the only one experiencing this?

The game is working fine for me. Go to the account issues tread.

What ur phone model ? Maybe it become weaker when the new juices coming in :wink:

I notice happens when i turn on my internet while in the game. But when my internet is off nothing hapoen.

Your problem is your internet connection. Try to see it speed if is below 15 kbps your game become laggy.

except that the game is 99% offline… only online really when connecting and match making arena

His problem is the internet.

I would say try playing the game in “airplane” mode. This will remove the internet issue as a possible cause. Play the game and see if you have the same issue with no internet connection at all.