Game Crash

Please can the support fixed the problem of game crashing? Every 20 min the game crash and i need to started again the level, really bad.

Maybe give them a detailed report.
Like what phone you are using what other apps you’re running what android is running on your phone.
What did you do before the crash?
Was it fully random or each time before/after u did something special?

And yea dont blame the support if they dont know whats wrong with your phone :wink:

Also a few items to keep in mind:

The game only saves when you load a new floor (exit the floor your are currently on and move to the next) or if you return to the main Menu (pausing the game and selecting main menu).

This was done as an interim solution to a really bad issue players were having when their phone would run out of battery while they were playing the game. When this happened the save game would become corrupt and the user would lose ALL their data and save file. With the method we have in place now, you can lose progress on the floor but you will NOT lose your entire save file.

We are finishing up our account system right now, that will allow you to back up your save data up to our server, and we hope completely (or as close as we can come) eliminate save game loss.

Can you tell me the type of device you have?


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