Game crushing

Game always crushing after update. Quickly how to solve this tried many things still not working T_T

Have you tried uploading your data then doing an uninstall+reinstall? it is quite critical that you let the first time start up finish properly

I did still nothing :’(

Dang :T gonna move this into bug reports :smile:

me encounter some freeze screen when im using mobile data

It can’t be internet prob because I haven’t encountered this till patch and im using fiber optic WiFi

me playing pve not using mobile data at pvp :smile:

IGN: ragingtream

I’ll just leave it here maybe you’ll need it for some check ups :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure I encountered you at arena though. In top 5 maybe ?? Is that you ?

yes that’s me testing some build and AI setting I’ll do arena again when lots of player will reach eternal league kinda boring playing only 6 AI at this point the top 3 then some random AI that has a good mmr

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Haha don’t worry I must say your toon is epic so hard to get in. :slight_smile:

it is a fail test for me once you get the trick it will be a easy win for you mate :smile: maybe I wont touch it until eternal league will reach div 11-15 so I can play lots on players and test my build to its limitation :wink:
-Thank you for the complement :blush:

  1. Try playing the game with air plane mode turned on for your device
  2. Is this happening when you start the game up or is this happening during game play?

never tried airplay mode while playing but I try battery saver mode and it works well

During gameplay usually when I do arena