Game freezes after 1.4.3

The game keeps freezing after 10 to 30 seconds in dungeon. It runs smooth until it freezes. It was the same with 1.4.1.
My device is dual core hp slate 7 tablet with ICS, no root or custom roms.
This game is most addictive android rpg i ever played :wink:
Edit: In 1.4.2 when i loot a notice appears " you found epic" and i open inv - empty.

Inventory being empty - are you using a hireling at all? if so check their inventory

The game freezing: does it happen on a specific floor or just all of the time? Also, does the game shut down or do the graphics appear to be “frozen” on the screen?

I played today and the game freezes only in snowy levels when mobs are on screen.
No i dont use hire system. I dont have second character. It says only “relic found” not relic armor/helm or amor.
I’ll be glad if that info helps. :smile:
Edit: Game freezes only when ice slime is spawned.