Game goes to sleep, and resets if paused more than a few moments

1st Generation Fire TV
Game Version: 2.0.1

At first, I was thinking this was a Fire TV issue, and set it to never go to sleep, but as I was testing, the game went to sleep, resetting back to the Amazon Home screen. This wasn’t the device resetting, but the game itself. While I can see why this might be good on a mobile device, it’s annoying on the Fire TV, where I might pause as someone comes to door or calls me. Is there a way to disable the game from going to sleep? This is a problem that just started occurring within the last month or so.

So I understand the process here:

You play on the amazon fire tv and while you are playing the game just returned you to the home screen?

A few questions:

  1. What controller are you using? The Amazon game pad v1, v2, or a 3rd party blue tooth controller?
  2. If you started dungeon quest after being returned to the home screen did the game open to the " DQ Pause" screen or did it restart the app?

It happens if I pause, or go to item screen, out of the play screens, and stay idle for 5 minutes.
It completely closes the app, putting me on the Fire home screen, where I have to click on the app to reopen it, and start a new floor. The real annoyance is that i lose any progress since last save, and map is gone from inventory.
Im using the v1 Amazon controller

That sounds like a crash…ok thanks for the info. I will look it up on the amazon side and see if they have any indication of crash reports. They STILL have not fixed our issue that is preventing us from submitted the new version. We might be stuck submitting it without Game Circle support.

What is game circle support, exactly?

You own the device…
Game Circle is Amazon’s equivalent of Google Play. Tracks your gameplay, data, etc.

Achievements and whatnot? If that is all that has been holding the game up for over a month now…

Well, when we first were introduced to the Amazon market place we were featured on many of their storefronts. In order to qualify for some of those spots we needed to included Game Circle support. Removing this now means that we will no longer be qualified for app featuring on amazon.

While that really stinks for us from a visibility standpoint, we are hurting our users by not pushing out the update regardless of the impact on our bottom line.

We are moving forward with releasing our next patch (currently in testing right now) without the Game Circle support but will add it back in if we can do so in the future.

UPDATE: After pretty much wearing out my controller playing this game, as well as a couple instances where large pack size maps put a strain on my first generation Fire TV, I upgraded to the latest version of Fire TV.

The timing out issue is no longer present, so the issue is either with it being a first generation unit, or with my individual unit. The current generation Fire Tv did not have the issue.

When I first posted, I see I was on version 2.0. I upgraded to 2.2, and still had the issue on the 1st gen unit

Also, the new model has a much better processor, so it has handled some large packs flawlessly.

I still can not select an ascension on the Fire TV, I have to save the game, then load up from my iPad, buy the Ascension, then save the game, then reload on the Fire TV