Game Improvement

For Campaign Mode I think we need teleport button, near hireling hp/mp info, this due to zombie make hireling keep attack them even while living monster are near them. due to the zombie bug. player need to drag/run far away to get their hireling teleport near main and focus on other mobs. the teleport button should have CD of 10-15sec to avoid player abuse the function for hireling dodging attack from mobs.

For crafting, i think when apply diamond to roll all affix, it need to give warning notice if the item have atleast 1 perfect rolled rolled. or atleast make auto rolling button until it get perfect rolled (best for item with only 1 affix)


About the zombie bug we can adjust the AI of follow team mate

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ik that, but even if they follow main(player), their focus/target are still the zombie, so usually player are forced to move far away until the hireling teleport to main toon and change target.

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in my chase it not really happening always because i only use follow team mate/avoid enemy 1