Game randomly freezes

Game started to randomly freeze on me when my wizard hit pass level 110. It never happned once before that point. Since then, I can’t go 2 levels without the game freeze on me once and the current level progress would be lost after I restart the game. It seems to happen when I fight rather large group of monsters.

I bought an extra slot for warrior and the game freezes again. But this time it’s at the loading screen at around level 35. It’s still playable but these freezes are getting very annoying.

I have HTC One.


We are sorry to hear you are having this issue with DQ, especially since you were able to play it from as long as you have before this issue popped up. I will do some tests on our end to see if we can get a similar issue to happen but in the mean time there are a few things you could try.

  1. Force close the app and then Clear Cache
    Clear Cache may free up the memory that your phone uses for caching while you are playing the game. It could be that this just became large and is causing an issue.

  2. Power off your phone, remove the battery, restart the phone. This will cleanly force stop all applications and flush phone cache and temp memory. If you just remove the battery with out powering down and do a plain “Reset” of the phone you may still leave some cruft hanging about in your phone registers.

The HTC one is a real BAD @$$ phone…I am very surprised you are having issues. In fact I was planning on getting one for my personal phone so if I do pick it up I will make sure to put it through its paces.

Real quick question, have you recently updated your phone to 4.2.2? Also, did this issue start happening after you updated your device?

Thanks again, sorry to bombard you with questions. Thanks for playing and for posting to our forum!

I will try option 1) and get back to you if this fixes anything.

Since I can not remove the battery from HTC One, will simply turning off the phone and retarting it again do anything?

My last several freezes have been pretty random and not just around big group of monsters and I have been closing all other running apps while I play this game to ensure that I have enough memory but it does not seem to help. HTC one is a pretty top end phone so I’m starting to think that it’s probably not the phone being unable to handle the requirement to run this game properly.

My phone is still in it’s stock version which is 4.1.2. I have not rooted it or anything.

DUH, please ignore my stupid battery comment :smile:. Yeah, I forgot about the battery on the HTC One. Just doing a power off and then back on should do the trick.

I really like the HTC One and look forward to picking one up. I am testing right on on a Samsung Galaxy S3 with android 4.1.2 and a Nexus 7 Ver 2013 with the latest version of Jelly Bean (4.3). I have not gotten any crashes on my end yet but I do keep changing out the builds since we are doing a lot of account system testing right now.

Thanks again for the info, and we will keep our eyes open for any issues like you describe.

I have been getting freezing as well. As well as freezing it stutters in short durations. I’m paying on a Verizon galaxy s4 android 4.2.2

I have tried the few options but to no avail.

Ok, so the SGS4 and HTC One…the plot thickens. Would any of you two guys be willing to try out a new build of our game on your device? You should not lose any progress at all on your character and you would get a sneak peak at some of our new features/additions.

I’d be more then happy to, always glad to help.

I forgot to mention that my freezing only happens with my Wizard. Warrior works fine.

My friends has the at&t s4 and his Wizard didn’t freeze but he doesn’t play that character much.

It seems that either recall or having over 300 magic find might be the problem. I took off all my magic find gear and it did not freeze. Also wile having my recall item on it seems to stutter more often.

It is also my wizard that freezes most of the time. From level 110 - 140 my wizard will freeze every 1-2 levels on average. But my wizard does not focus on any magic find gear. I use the gaunlet + Skull spawn.
My warrior is now at level 142 and I spent even more time on him because I went back to achieve all the challenges for + health, damage, gold find etc. I only freezed once or twice max during my time playing warrior. But then I have not went back to my wizard yet ever since I created the warrior; maybe the restart + clear cache does help … I will keep you updated when I go back to my wizard.

Yes I’m willing to try out your new version as long as my progress will not be lost.

Hey guys, thanks for helping narrow this down! Will be looking at Recall to see what could be causing the poor performance.

I also use Legion with recall. legion says 9% increased minions but it more then doubles what I can have out.

Hi guys
I’m from Russia.
Your game is really cool :smiley: I spend my free-time playing for the Wizard.

  1. But i have the same issue with freezes on my 58 lvl char (103 floor).
    During 15-20 minutes i can get 3-4 freezes so it’s necessary to restart the game and all current data will be lost.
    I use skulls.
    I have Galaxy S4 with 4.2.2

  2. Re-rolling doesn’t suggest me to upgrade my equipment over 99 lvl. Is it normal ?
    I have 57 wizard and 103 floor. All things drop with less then 100 lvl and max re-rolling is “99-99” lvl

That rerolling thing is something that wonders me aswell.
Im pretty sure some patches ago i rerolled something to iLvl 100 but that doesnt seem to work anymore.
Bug or intended?

[quote]1) But i have the same issue with freezes on my 58 lvl char (103 floor).
During 15-20 minutes i can get 3-4 freezes so it’s necessary to restart the game and all current data will be lost.
I use skulls.
I have Galaxy S4 with 4.2.2[/quote]

We’re looking into those crashes :smile:

Yeah that would have been a bug, items shouldn’t be rolling more than level 99.

Just wanted to show that it is actually possible to get them.
Btw i never seem to get any freezes just a hard slowdown when the level just loaded or when the first big group of monster arrives.

Huh…whadda’ know :smile:

Thanks for posting the pic!