Gear and Element - how to optimize

Hi. Can anyone give quick insight, or link to article perhaps, that shows how gear and the elements on gear relate as far as damage and efficiency.

What i mean is, is it better to turn all equipped gear to same element, does it matter at all when calculating damage, is it only weapons that use elements for damage, or does armor and trinkets play in as well.

I have changed all my gear to poison, and though im killing faster, im unsure why, and what is working.

Total noob here. But LOVE this game.

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Oh, you can look at “tips” on codex’s dictionary for elements advantages.
I think best PVE element for weapons are shock (+12.5 DMG per stack up to 50%) and arcane (hits neutral in almost everything). Poison is stupid good if you use it together with plagued set affix + elemental critical.
If you wan’t even better damage with elements, you maybe consider using weaken affix and effective mythic.
For neutral damage on any enemy, just find gears with “ignore resist”. This IMO is the best options for save slots and increase DMG.

On gears, it just add +resist and defines your flat elemental dmg, elemental crit, etc.

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Hmm. Ok. More homework to be done. Thanks for info.

Click this and select guides
There are so many infos and tricks that are given there check it out! :grinning:


Oh hey. Didnt notice the second column. Nice. Thanks :slight_smile:

You are welcome!

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lmao, never noticed this too.

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Lol xD