Gear that levels with you for leveling up?

So, here I was leveling up, about to buy another boost thing when I thought. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could buy gear (even in game gold or real money) which would grant you an EXP boost and a few other benefits to help with leveling? Nothing that is strong, just something that helps with the grind from level 1-99. Also it would be cool if you could get a mythic which gives you a random bonus at the start of every floor, add a bit of RNG into the mix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

an Item that can be use level 1-99 you can create something like that using a mythstone and crystals :smile:

There are actually mythstones that can help out with the XP grind already but I really love the the mythic idea! :smile:



Fight me nerd I am the the best and never make typos


I’ve not got the methadone by the looks of it :(, not cool enough :stuck_out_tongue:


No idea wtf a methadone is xD was meant to put mythstone XD


put mythstone exp or ruby exp :smile:

Not got any of them ATM :frowning: