I’m newly level 99 and this is my gear. What should I do?

Edit: I want to be able to do mythic 3.

If you got to lv200 you can farm there for legends or go to lv181 to farm for more gold (You could even go for maps but I think it’s easier doing either lv200 or lv181). If Ice Bow is your main then it is probably better if your farm for legends with set affix of permafrost and frozen. Search the codex on where you could find them (Better chances at snow levels I think).

Collecting legends for better farming must be prioritized first before crafting for it is very time consuming.
Although in my experience if you do not have a nadroji ring, crafting a ring with a resource system and have a +2 all sets socket and a +2 all sets legend (if you are lucky lol) will help you a thousand times better.

From there you could just do what you want to do. It’s a game for creative minds afterall

You can’t get +2 sets legend except for Nadroji ring and neck! You can have two +2 sets mythstones though.

Oh I never knew that one lol thanks dude

Not two of the same Mythstone in the same piece of equipment, though.