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Hey, so I’ve been playing DQ for 2 data, gotowy my first mythic ring And 2 eternals And I’ve reached 200 floor. So my question is how to change gamę difficulty past 200 floor? I know i loot mapa to go futher but if I get 250 on mythic 3 And i cant beat that i will have to go back all the way to 200 to set map difficulty to normal?
Sorry for my english And thank You im advance

change difficulty first in floor 200, in normal or what you want, and buy a map in vendor, and open it…

or click the map that you have buy, and click it, and make it into 250 floor map…

Yes I understand how to get past lvl 200 but if IT gets too hard for me to beat mythic at certain point do i have to go back to 200 to set easier difficulty because i cant change the difficulty level on mapa

you can buy a map, in floor 200, in a normal diff or what you want, and make it 250 floor…

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a Maps Difficulty is based on the Difficulty Setting. a Maps Difficulty can’t be changed after you get it. save the M3 map you have, lower the Difficulty Setting to one you can do ok on, buy a Map on floor 200, raise the Maps level to floor 250, and start slaying monsters. when you improve your Equipment, you can try that 250 M3 Map again to see how good you have improved your Gears.

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