Getting further


Can i see your toy car designed for a six year old driving liscence :smiling_imp:


What are u asking me dude I’m only 6 ok I may not talk like I’m six but I very smart an my build is better Dan yours nenene


Lol you cannot kid a kidder. Nice try :grinning:




@Last-Assasin your IGN in arena?


Gud that was just my sis an my name on the game is
The empire
John wick


@dickwad ah! age and other info are now including in Modded DQ APK? :rofl:


Huh what you mean


It means some content of this game is not seen as suitable for very young people. So the developers have to set an age limit


Arena in 2018?



hey @Skaul good to see you again hanging around here in forums. :+1:


Always here.



True but you are not only lurking @Skaul but you help out when you can keep it up :smiley: