Getting lucky with drops

Found lately these guys:

Yeah, the perfect eternal one seems edited but it isn’t and I even haven’t used it yet. One question: going further with levels you find better stuff or it is plain luck? I reached the 1250th floor and got them in one of those higher floors.


That is awesome!! Great find! That poise could be made a really strong druidic build.

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Unfortunately I have no obsidian left after crafting the perma-jump one (PVE) Most funny WIZARD 3.0 One-Punch build (with a question) , thus I can’t craft a new build right now! XD

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You are just extremely lucky mate for that eternal poise. Higher floors doesnt equate to the grade of item rarity. Crystalline, eternalized, nadroji and luck plays a big role on item rarity that you are talking about.
Just be careful not to sell that thing :wink:

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Nice. That eternal poise gonna be OP lmao.

Woaaahh. It seems there are lucky player here . Nice! . Iknow how it feels getting perfect or semi perfect affixes . :heartbeat:

I bet that +20 Strength on ring isn’t perfect, cause this can’t be real :joy:

The perfect strength thing only occured when there was no in between 0.1 to 0.9 between each number of strength and that was recent. If it was before 3.0, yes that would be perfect 20 strength. 3.0 strength would be slightly different.

It’s probably perfect but in arena, it would be hard for it to be perfect