Getting more legend gears


If I only wanted to hunt legend gears (Legend+ pickup in options), how much luck / fortune would I need to achieve this?

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere Crystalline & Eternalized on hireling affects main as well.

Does having high item quantity affect Imp’s Hoard as well?


20fortune max
Item quantity in ur mh and oh
Use imp pet
Option legend only
Narodji(8) so you can hunt enslav at the same time

Additional always use map with comp. Afix (epic)
Packsize . rare monster . magic monster
So cartho give you more item and imp will convert item to legend and eternal


So having 40 or 60 fortune isn’t necessary?


Its up to you , we hav diff style in farming . but for me i dont need an xtra fortune . much better to put some damage affix so u can finish a challenge map faster


Isn’t 40 Max anyways?


I’m not sure… I haven’t tried going beyond 40.

Well, this is for my hireling afterall

My main will be the dmging one


I’m about 90% sure 40 is max because I tried to see how much damage reduction skull shield could do but I could be wrong.



GOB doing farming? Welcome to the legit world


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God of Bans. Ok i will stop, too far XD.