Give Away (IF Dev Wanna Help)

Edited by developer to avoid game system confusion

I already once made an event with items given by Steiger, but it’s too much work.
Actually he can’t transfer the items but create a replicat of yours, affix by affix, on people account, it’s a pain, so i doubt it’ll made.
But still nice from you :wink:

Hey cronos,

We don’t have a trade feature in our game and the way our infrastructure currently works we do not have a straightforward way to do this type of feature.

In the future if you want to post your items that would be great and would help others see what is possible in the game but please refrain from offering to give items to people.

This creates a situation for us (the developers) where we look unaccommodating to our user base where in reality we try to give our users as many features as possible.

If you have any comments about this, please feel free to pm myself or SteigerBox.

For now I am closing this post and deleting your comment in order to avoid creating confusing without our newly joined community members.