Gladiator Set why is it so mysterious with no information?

I think I am kind of screwed because I reached legend eternal but I used all the trophies I got and opened them with my level 50 rouge…and I got no gladiator pieces at all…and I had a LOT of chests… Is this the case or can I still somehow get a chance to get that set? There is no way to move down a league it seems…

P.S what are the stats on it

I’m still in magic league but maybe I can help :joy:. Idk if the chests matter. But what type of chests did you open, like what rarity where they? @Clodoveo

There are only one type of chests …

@Clodoveo yes but you can convert the chests you win to a higher rarity.

Nope…there is rare, epic, legend and eternal chests. You can upgrade them by converting. Legend chests give a good chance to get gladiator set piece.

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WTF…omg I didnt know… so I just wasted like 200 chests and not got a single gladiator piece even when reaching Legend league…no way for me to get my gladiator pieces now?

@SHAY thanks ! I was trying to explain this but i used all the wrong words

In eternal league you have the chance to get all the pieces, so don’t worry :slight_smile:


@Clodoveo About your first question, if you find any information excluding what the codex says because I’ve read that all ready, tell me please .I wanna know how good that set works in campaign and battle arena.!

THANKYOU! And ill let you know shay

One more question, is there a chance for that set to appear if I open it on a level 50 character? I am assuming the set is lvl 99 ?

Your level does not affect the chance of it dropping. Only your PVP league and the Chest you used. Legend Chests have a 100% change of giving you a Legendary item. Eternal chests have a 100% chance of giving you an Eternal Item!

But aren’t ETERNAL items fixed and capped at 99? How can it show up if I open it on a lvl 50 character? Will it show up as lvl 50?

I have no idea what you are talking about. An Item’s level and a Char’s level are 2 different things. Eternals just like any other item can drop as lv1~100. Trophies will always be 100 (unless you are in old testing patch).

That cant be right, I am updated and my trophies I opened on lvl 50 are aroudn lvl 50 range.

I meant to say like certain legendary items like nardoja items etc, don’t they only come as lvl 100 since y ou can only find them on higher up floors?

Yes, you can only find it on that floor or higher.

Can you show me pic? Trophies should always be lv100.