Glitchy skills?

There are 16 skills for each class, 10 mythic skills and one other skill (summon fury). There are 59 skills. As I know, skill on a weapon is stored in RAM and,because amber exists, it’s probably stored as a number. That means there is at least 256 possible values which means 256 skills.So, what are the 197 missing skills?

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Lol I’m no computer programmer . Last computer I programmed was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the eighties. You could consider talents ( check talent tree ) as skill like. Then I suspose any synergistic relationships between mythic skills , character skills and talents could also count . So maybe those would account for your mathematical conundrum. I only learned nursing and forensic science. Basically I don’t know and am guessing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Lol :sunglasses: welcome back to the madness :sunglasses:

Haha ty! :slight_smile:

But to answer the question no, items just have normal non-binary IDs stored on them that reference a database of skills. If we had any extra skills we’d use them!


Lol @SteigerBox well that just explains everything to me :roll_eyes: haha. Oh hold on I a have an old memory of typing in in programs in machine code using 0 and 1 s from magazines to get a crap game. :joy: